AFib Ablation Using TactiCath™ Quartz Contact Force Catheter with EnSite Precision™ System: A Case Review with Dr. David Kenigsberg

David N. Kenigsberg, MD, FACC, FHRS
Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiologist

Dr. David N. Kenigsberg of Florida Heart Rhythm Specialists, PLLC in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, walks us through a case with a 61-year-old male who has a past medical history of diabetes and hypertension. The patient has had symptomatic AF for over a year and underwent transesophageal echo-guided cardioversion approximately 6 months ago, with an immediate return of AF; he has also been tried on a variety of anti-arrhythmic drugs. The case today will be a radiofrequency pulmonary vein isolation utilizing products from Abbott, inclusive of EnSite Precision™ Cardiac Mapping System, TactiCath™ Quartz Contact Force Ablation Catheter, and the Agilis™ NxT Steerable Introducer.