Guiding the Treatment of Complex Scar-related Atrial Arrhythmias Using the RHYTHMIA™ Mapping System

Peter Gallagher, MD

Ultra high-definition mapping systems are becoming the new standard for guiding diagnosis and treatment of complex arrhythmias. Compared to other mapping systems, the RHYTHMIA™ mapping system with the INTELLAMAP ORION™ mapping catheter collects 25x more data vs. manual mapping and 5x more data vs. other automated mapping systems.1 This case specifically highlights how the density, resolution and automation of the RHYTHMIA mapping system facilitate Dr. Gallagher’s assessment and treatment strategy of this patient’s set of complex scar-related arrhythmias.
1. Ptaszek L, Chalhoub F, Perna F, Beinart R, Barrett C, Danik S, Heist EK, Ruskin J, Mansour M. Rapid Acquisition of High-Resolution Electroanatomical Mapping Using a Novel Multi-Electrode Mapping System. J Interv Card Electrophysiol. 2012 Nov 22.