Quail Digital Launches Digital Communications System for Fully Enclosed PPE

Quail Digital’s wireless headsets help overcome communication difficulties during surgical procedures caused by additional PPE requirements

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, physicians and their clinical teams are having to adapt to a new way of working. While the execution remains the same, the level of Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) that medical staff are now advised to wear is causing significant operational problems for basic communication between each other. Quail Digital’s digital communication system and wireless headsets ensure healthcare teams can communicate clearly and effectively.

Healthcare teams struggle to communicate with additional PPE

In addition to the usual PPE that physicians and their clinical teams wear in the operating room, there is now more use of full-face shields and powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) lenses during Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGPs) to provide necessary protection for staff against the virus.

However, this additional entirely enclosed equipment makes communication particularly difficult during surgery. The intense and stressful environment – coupled with high ambient noise within the OR – makes clear communication challenging at the best of times. With the additional PPE, surgeons can find it extremely difficult to communicate with their team, in an environment where miscommunication can be detrimental to both the staff and patient.

Medical staff and surgeons are concerned for their safety 

It has been well publicized that medical staff in the UK are concerned about their safety. This is not necessarily for fear of infection, but the ability to carry out their work in a safe and effective manner while wearing fully enclosed PPE. As David Sweetnam, Senior Orthopedic Surgeon, Schoen Clinic Orthopedic and Spinal Hospital London, said: “Safety is about good communication. It is essential that all staff are aware of the decisions being made. Headsets improve this process.”

In some hospitals around the UK, the solution has been to use walkie talkies placed in plastic bags, while for others, staff are simply trying to shout through their equipment.

Wireless headsets provide clear, discrete audio communication for clinical staff

In response, Quail Digital has developed a lightweight, hands-free digital communications solution that allows medical staff to communicate easily. Quail Digital’s wireless headsets allow clinicians, physicians, and assistants to talk hands-free as a team, in cath labs, EP labs, and the interventional OR.

The headsets are purpose-built for hospital use to provide cutting-edge noise cancellation, crystal-clear sound, and superior comfort.

Tom Downes, CEO at Quail Digital, comments: “Clear, reliable team communication in ITU and ORs is essential. For the foreseeable future, surgeons and healthcare staff will need to be taking strict infection prevention and control measures to ensure they’re protected in surgery, but this shouldn’t come at the expense of clear and effective communication.

“Those wearing Level 3 PPE need wireless headsets to communicate with certainty, and we are proud to be able to support our frontline workers and vulnerable patients with our digital solution.”


About Quail Digital

Quail Digital designs and manufactures high-quality wireless headset systems reaching global markets in retail, healthcare, and restaurant sectors. Quail Digital’s Healthcare Headset System is a lightweight, digital, wireless communications system for clinicians, physicians, and assistants to talk hands-free as a team, in cath labs, EP labs, and the interventional OR or hybrid suite, at monitoring stations, through adjacent control rooms and ancillary areas. For more information, please visit: www.quaildigital.com