Optimize EP Upgrades CaRM to Manage Vital Temperature Data and Fever Detection Alerts From Cardiac Devices

Digital Platform Helps Physicians Provide Preventive Care That Can Keep Patients Out of the Hospital

Optimize EP, a digital health company focused on transforming cardiac care by improving the current state of cardiac data management, announced upgrades to its CaRM software designed to help physicians better manage and coordinate care for patients potentially experiencing an infection in the body including upper respiratory infections.

CaRM is a cloud-based software that streamlines cardiac device data from Abbott, BIOTRONIK, Boston Scientific, Medtronic, and iRhythm into one program to simplify data management, reimbursement, and billing processes. The software upgrade ensures all vital patient data collected from cardiac monitors, pacemakers, and defibrillators, including body temperature and pulse rate variations that are often indicators of infection, is routed through CaRM to help care teams better monitor patients, coordinate care with other providers, and alert patients of potential health issues.

As remote cardiac monitoring technologies improve and advance, Optimize EP remains dedicated to expanding CaRM's capabilities to provide physicians, nurses, and care teams with comprehensive data management, simplified workflows, and more time to focus on delivering the best possible patient care.

"CaRM continues to help care teams be more efficient in managing and responding to their patients' cardiac remote monitoring data," said Ravi Kartan, President and CEO of Optimize EP. "Our software functions with a very sophisticated set of algorithms, and with these new upgrades, we're adding another layer of valuable information that physicians can use to make more informed diagnostic decisions for their cardiac device patients."

For additional information about Optimize EP and CaRM, please visit www.optimizeep.com.

About Optimize EP

Founded in 2018, Optimize EP is a digital health company focused on transforming cardiology care by improving cardiac data management to create sustainable, profitable practices that deliver optimal patient care. CaRM, the company's proprietary software developed by a practicing electrophysiologist, is a cloud-based platform that improves efficiency and streamlines the clinical and administrative operations necessary for efficient cardiac device remote monitoring, reimbursement, and billing. Simple, advanced, efficient - that's how Optimize EP is making care easier.