Academic Versus Private Practice: Which is Better for Electrophysiologists?

The EP Edit
Dr. Sandeep Saha (center) and colleagues.

In this episode of The EP Edit podcast, Jodie Elrod (Managing Editor of EP Lab Digest) speaks with Sandeep A. Saha, MD, MS to get his perspectives as an early career electrophysiologist on the differences between academic and private practice electrophysiology (EP). He discusses some of the challenges that early career electrophysiologists face, provides helpful tips from his own experience, and shares the advice he received from colleagues and mentors. Dr. Saha is a cardiac electrophysiologist with Oregon Heart Center, PC, and Salem Health Hospitals and Clinics in Salem, Oregon. Of note, bonus content in our July 2019 issue includes his responses to our additional questions outside of this recorded podcast.

The podcast can be found here on SoundCloud!