Ablation of Ventricular Tachycardia Using an Epicardial-Only Scar Modification Approach Guided by Cardiac Imaging

This video illustrates the segmented and processed (ADAS 3D software, ADAS3D Medical) contrast-enhanced perfusion multi-detector computed tomography image revealing hypoperfused (highlighted in red) myocardial scar regions in the apical inferolateral left ventricle and spared (blue is healthy, yellow is border zone, and white is border zone that is part of the corridor) intervening tissue as candidate corridors (red lines and the white surrounding border zone) for protected ventricular tachycardia isthmus circuitry. The right ventricle is visualized in transparent green. The aorta is visualized in purple. Epicardial coronary arteries are highlighted in red, and the coronary sinus and its tributaries are highlighted in blue. Note the red cohesive linear pattern in the apical septum is imaging artifact from the right ventricular ICD lead. See full article by Lohit Garg, MD and colleagues in EP Lab Digest's May 2020 issue.