Using Non-Fluoroscopic Navigation to Improve Endomyocardial Biopsy Yield and Guide Location of a Transseptal Puncture Site

Dr. Fariha Sadiq Ali and colleagues present a case using the EnSite Velocity™ Cardiac Mapping System (St. Jude Medical). The first video shows the biopsy forceps exiting the Mullen sheath and bioptome directed to the low voltage area in the RVOT. The bioptome is seen as it exits the Mullen`s sheath and the tip is accurately manipulated to the low voltage area in the RVOT before a biopsy is taken. In the second video, an anatomical map of the left atrium with the trajectory of the transseptal needle is marked with “3D” lesions. The ablation catheter is seen crossing through the cloud of “3D” lesions.