June 2009

Volume 9 Issue 6

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There are two new questions this month — take a look and let us know if you can help answer them. You can respond by emailing us at eplabdigest@hotmail.com or also by visiting us at www.eplabdigest.com. Remember, when responding to the discussion gro…
Dear Readers, If there is one constant in the medical literature related to the quality of patient care, it is that physician experience and training matter. Better procedural outcomes have been linked repeatedly to higher operator volume. Two recen…
Dr. Whang is located at Columbia University Medical Center in New York. In this interview, he describes the results of the Nurses’ Health Study. Tell us about the Nurses’ Health Study. When and why was it started? How many patients does it involve?…
The Efficacy of Microvolt T-Wave Alternans Testing and Other Noninvasive Risk Stratification Methods for Identifying Patients at Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death Michael J. Mirro, MD, Medical Director of the Parkview Health System Clinical Research Cent…
In this new installment of EP Lab Digest’s EP 101 series, the authors present three brief case overviews, then ask readers to test their knowledge in EP by answering questions about each case. Case #1: A 74-year-old female with a history of hypert…
The Heart Rhythm Society's 30th Annual Scientific Sessions took place May 13-16, 2009 in Boston, Massachusetts. Enclosed below is a compilation of highlights from the meeting. Routine EKG Screenings May Save Athletes’ Lives: New Study Reveals Abnorm…
Michael L. Arnold, RN, RCIS is the Clinical Nurse Leader for the EP lab at Tucson Medical Center. Read more about him here. Why did you choose to work in the field of cardiac electrophysiology (EP)? What interested you about this field? EP is a dy…
What is the size of your EP lab facility and number of staff members? What is the mix of credentials at your lab? At THE HEART HOSPITAL Baylor Plano, we work in four EP suites and one OR/ENDO suite for lead extractions. Our staff includes an Invasive…