March 2009

Volume 9 Issue 3

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FDA Grants Marketing Approval to NaviStar® ThermoCool® Catheter for Atrial Fibrillation First and Only Ablation Catheter Approved for Treatment of Heart Rhythm Disorder That Affects Up to 5 Million People in the U.S. Biosense Webster, Inc., a John…
Readers, please take a look at the questions below and let us know if you can help answer any of them.You can respond by emailing us at or visiting us at Remember, when responding to the discussion group,…
Dear Readers, Amiodarone is arguably the most effective antiarrhythmic available. Although it has only been approved for use by the FDA to treat life-threatening ventricular arrhythmias, it is commonly used off-label for atrial fibrillation (AF).…
In this article, the authors describe their electrophysiology program at Madras Medical Mission in India. Madras Medical Mission (MMM) is an organization inspired by the missionary zeal of Bishop Zachariah Mar Dionysius, Metropolitan of the Madras…
The University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center in Ann Arbor recently implemented a new system for managing inventory. In this interview we speak with Marlon Bird, Supply & Equipment Manager of the Cardiac Procedures Unit, about the transition.…
Heart failure (HF) affects over 5 million Americans each year. Of all the heart failure symptoms that these patients face, fluid retention is one major area that needs to be continually monitored. Some HF patients may develop sub-clinical congestions…
The authors describe a new system being used at the Mayo Clinic to assess patients at risk for sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Background
On February 16, the Cardiac Catheterization & Rhythm Center opened at the Heart Institute at AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center’s (ARMC) Mainland Campus located in Pomona, New Jersey. In this interview we speak with Mary E. Tiernan, RN, team lea…
If you have difficulty reading ECGs, you may want to try visiting the Prehospital 12 Lead ECG blog (, a great resource on cardiac rhythm analysis. In this interview, we speak with creator Tom Bouthillet about his tips o…