September 2018

Volume 18 Issue 9

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Dr. Rohit Mehta and colleagues present a case study in which close clinical supervision with the use of BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring detected CRT under-pacing in a patient, avoiding hospitalization.
Dr. Mohamed Djelmami-Hani describes a brief case using the Navik 3D (APN Health) mapping system. The first clinical use of this system was in March 2018 at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Milwaukee.
The original Hippocratic Oath, written 2,500 years ago and recited by nearly all physicians at some time during their training (usually at graduation), has periodically been modified by various groups. The objective has been to keep it modern and rel…
Dr. Raymond G. Cutro, Jr. and colleagues discuss how tricuspid valve dysfunction/regurgitation (TR) related to pacemaker and defibrillators leads is becoming increasingly recognized. In this case, they elected to proceed with a combined lead extracti…
Drs. Krishan K. Kataria and Abraham G. Kocheril present a brief primer on important upcoming changes with the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA).
Dr. Leenhapong Navaravong presents a case in which the patient had a high BMI that required a specific type of defibrillation lead, but could otherwise benefit from device therapy plus optimal pharmacological therapy. Like many patients with heart fa…
EP Lab Digest talks with the EP program at St. Bernards Heart & Vascular Center in Jonesboro, Arkansas.
Drs. John J. Lee and Daniel Weitz present two cases demonstrating His bundle pacing (HBP), which has emerged as a potential alternative to right ventricular apical pacing.
Dr. Moeen Saleem is the Director of Cardiac Electrophysiology at the Advocate Heart Institute in Naperville, Illinois. In this article, he discusses his recent medical mission to Lebanon, working in collaboration with Northwestern Memorial Hospital a…