May 2016

Volume 16 Issue 5

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Remote Patient Monitoring of Patients with a Cardiac Implantable Electronic Device: An Introduction 
Debate continues regarding the relative pros and cons of cryoballoon ablation compared to point-by-point radiofrequency ablation to achieve pulmonary vein isolation as a treatment for paroxysmal atrial fibrillation.
Dr. Kevin J. Makati et al present their early experience with the Rhythmia™ Mapping System (Boston Scientific). 
Dr. Atul Verma and Sergio Conti discuss idiopathic fascicular left VT, the most common idiopathic ventricular tachycardia of the left ventricle. 
Drs. Sandeep Sagar and Chad Stasik describe a minimally invasive epicardial maze procedure followed by an endocardial ablation.
Authors from Corazon, Inc. discuss how creating greater access to innovative neuro therapies helps improve the health and well-being of patients already served with EP in a given market.
Authors from John C. Lincoln Medical Center have implemented a technique using MediGuide Technology as their primary imaging tool, thereby minimizing fluoroscopy in routine and complex cases.
Dr. Dewi E. Thomas et al describe performing the world’s first commercial implants of the WiCS®-LV system (EBR Systems, Inc.), a leadless endocardial pacing system for CRT.
The third edition of Practical Electrophysiology is being published this May. In a new interview, author Dr. Todd Cohen talks about some of the new features included in this popular book series. 
Dr. Kevin Campbell writes that as healthcare providers, we all can make a difference in the way in which healthcare information is distributed in the media — by simply getting involved.