January 2016

Volume 16 Issue 1

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Over the past five years, in an effort to reduce supply costs, most hospitals have begun exerting greater influence on their device procurement process by establishing formalized Value Analysis Device Committees that evaluate new technology acquisiti…
The electrophysiology community lost a pioneer in allied health education on December 2, 2015 when Stanley Anthony Wojtusik, Jr. passed away. 
Ulhas M. Pandurangi, MD, DM provides a new challenge in this popular monthly series.
Jose Osorio, MD and colleagues, from the Alabama Cardiovascular Group, PC, present a case using the Carto® CONFIDENSE™ Module for continuous multi-electrode mapping.
Abhijit Ghatak, MD, MRCP and colleagues report their initial experience with the subcutaneous ICD, concluding that the two-incision technique significantly reduces procedure time as compared to the three-incision technique.
James Kneller, MD, PhD, FHRS, CCDS, from Kadlec Regional Medical Center, writes that CRT represents an essential component of heart failure therapy, and ECG-guided CRT optimization may dramatically improve patient response to CRT.
Kelly Williams, RN, RCES, EP Clinical Coordinator at Parkridge Medical Center, discusses initial implantation techniques of the MR-conditional implantable cardioverter-defibrillator.
Melanie T. Gura, RN, MSN, CNS, CCDS, FHRS, FAHA, AACC and Jason K. Smith, MD present a case illustrating that pacemaker syndrome may occur in different pacing modalities that result in permanent or temporary disruption of AV synchrony.
We speak with Marguerite Shanahan, BSN, RN, Nurse Manager, Electrophysiology, about the Richard M. Ross Heart Hospital at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio.
Syeda Atiqa Batul, MD and colleagues, from Maimonides Medical Center, discuss their use of the Rhythmia™ Mapping System to enable more detailed scar and LAVA mapping to possibly increase the success of VT ablation.