July 2015

Volume 15 Issue 7

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The new National Coverage Determination for pacemakers becomes effective July 6, 2015. The indications in the new coverage policy will apply equally to single- and dual-chamber devices.
Sinan Sarsam, MD and colleagues report their experience studying the interaction of Medtronic’s PEAK PlasmaBlade with ICD function in 11 patients at the Providence Heart Institute. 
EP Lab Digest® speaks with Prof. Karl-Heinz Kuck, MD from Asklepios Klinik St. Georg about his first case using Medtronic’s Arctic Front Advance® ST Cryoballoon.
Patrick Murrah, MD and colleagues present a recent case of LAA exclusion using thorascopic delivery of the AtriClip (AtriCure, Inc.).
Christine Chiu-Man, MSc, FHRS, RCES, CEPS, CCDS describes the new second-edition set of EP Exam Review - Volume 1 Basics: RCES and CEPS Basics and EP Exam Review - Volume 2: Diagnosis & Therapy for RCES and CEPS.
Dr. Ulhas M. Pandurangi presents a new two-question EP quiz to our readers. 
There is a justifiable concern regarding the sustainability of the skill and competency of core staff, who are essentially the ones tasked to uphold the quality and integrity of the services provided. 
Beginning in August 2015, Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences (formerly the Lancaster General College of Nursing & Health Sciences) will be offering an online Professional Certificate in Cardiac Electrophysiology.
In this feature interview, EP Lab Digest® speaks with Dr. George Mark from the Heart House of New Jersey about his use of Boston Scientific’s S-ICD System. (This is the experience of Dr. Mark. Please refer to the Directions For Use for the full impla…
This month we highlight the EP program in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.