May 2015

Volume 15 Issue 5

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Dr. Jonathan P. Piccini, Sr., discusses how technologic advances in rapid, automated electrogram acquisition offer a promising pathway for improved efficiency, efficacy, and safety in the EP lab.
Dr. Ian Crozier et al describe the first-in-human use of the novel Vado Steerable Sheath at Christchurch Hospital. 
Dr. Elad Anter describes how treatment of obstructive sleep apnea with continuous positive airway pressure ventilation significantly reduced the rate of arrhythmia recurrence after AF ablation procedures.
Dr. J. Jenkins Thompson et al discuss ablation for ventricular tachycardia in a patient with the CardioKinetix PARACHUTE device. 
In this feature interview, EP Lab Digest® speaks with Dr. Roger Freedman from the University of Utah about his advanced lead extraction techniques.
Dr. Snigdha Kola et al present a case of flecainide toxicity, which can be difficult to discern, owing to its nonspecific presentation.
All providers of care to patients with anticoagulation should review the comprehensive “Practical Management of Anticoagulation in Patients With Atrial Fibrillation”. It is the type of document that should have laminated copies of its figures hanging…