August 2004

Volume 4 Issue 8

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For those who might be unfamiliar, describe the Framingham Heart Study. The Framingham Heart Study has been going on for many years. The study was a means of following a large cohort of patients over many, many years to look at the epidemiology of…
With over 15 years in the EP lab, Dr. Cohen is quite familiar with the challenges and radiation exposures that exist. Dr. Cohen, who personally performs a very large volume of EP procedures, began using the RADPAD ® radiation protection products appr…
What is the size of your EP lab facility and number of staff members? What is the mix of credentials at your lab? We have four electrophysiologists, two EP fellows, two procedure lab RNs, four procedure lab cardiovascular technicians (all from an acc…
Since then, our LACA technique has evolved so that the lesions resemble one continuous line circling the left atrium. This evolved technique eliminates the need to burn on the posterior left atrial wall, decreasing the risk of atrio-esophageal fistul…
During this trial, we enrolled 163 patients over about a two-year period. In the end, we were very successful in the treatment of AVNRT. Our tougher cases were in the accessory pathways and total nodes. It became obvious to us that cryoablation was d…
When did the Florida Institute for Advanced Diagnostic Imaging open? The FIFADI has a long history in Florida, with its genesis dating back over 20 years. Associated with the Gulf Coast Medical Center since 1982, the Florida Institute for Advanced…
What were your reasons for choosing Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center? What excites you about the EP program there?
Bretylium Is anyone else having trouble getting Bretylium? My pharmacy department is telling us they can't find any. If anyone has a supplier and/or ishaving the same problem, please respond. G. Cusworth, RN Having been a paramedic for 22 years, we…
Guess #1: From Blair Foreman, MD, FACC: The tachycardia in the 60-year-old female is AV reciprocating tachycardia utilizing a left-sided pathway in the retrograde fashion. This is demonstrated by the slower cycle length of the tachycardia during lef…