January 2021

Volume 21 Issue 1

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Kevin J. Makati, MD and colleagues discuss the evolution of the hybrid convergent ablation procedure, discuss their recently published outcome data utilizing endocardial cryoablation with the convergent approach, and outline future directions that en…
Max Weiss, MD, and Eugene H. Chung, MD summarize the current body of literature on the cardiovascular effects of COVID-19 on athletes, as well as expert recommendations on the management of affected patients in this population.
EP Lab Digest talks with Lane Wilson, RCIS, CEPS, CCDS and colleagues about this EP program in Tacoma, Washington.
In this feature interview, EP Lab Digest talks with Laura Horwood, MS, ACNP-BC, CCDS, about her long and successful career in EP at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Toshimasa Okabe, MD and colleagues outline the application of RemoteControl™ (Medtronic) technology, which offers real-time remote testing and programming of a CIED without the need for clinical device specialists in the EP lab.
Mehmet Ali Elbey, MD and colleagues summarize the current evidence for the EsoSure Esophageal Retractor (EPreward, Inc.) and provide information for its safety and efficacy, as well as review the study that examined its use in patients undergoing rad…
Khalil Kanjwal, MD describes his stepwise approach and strategy of minimizing or eliminating fluoroscopy using the CARTO mapping system (Biosense Webster).
It has been a long time since any novel techniques have been developed to further improve EGM signal fidelity. Given the critical importance of intracardiac EGMs during most ablation procedures, new ideas to improve EGM fidelity are welcome.