March 2019

Volume 19 Issue 3

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Patients who are symptomatic from unifocal PVCs and those who have developed a PVC-induced cardiomyopathy as a result of a high burden of unifocal PVCs, even when asymptomatic, are often good candidates for catheter ablation. As experience has increa…
In this article, Robert Lee Percell, Jr., MD, FACC, FHRS provides a brief review of the SANS FLUORO technique. He has performed almost 1000 ablations SANS FLUORO — including simple AV node ablation to typical flutter, to most SVT cases such as AVNRT,…
In this interview, we learn more about the certified cardiac electrophysiology technologist program at Howard Community College in Columbia, Maryland by speaking with Bill Fisher, MEd, RCIS, RCES, Adrienne Summers, CPP, and Elizabeth (Lizz) Tooley, B…
Janet Gifford, MSN, NP and colleagues describe a nurse-managed remote CIED interrogation program for hospital patients. In 2017, they began using this remote technology at Edward Hospital, and have now performed over 300 interrogations. They since ha…
Todd J. Cohen, MD and colleagues discuss a cloud-based digital healthcare solution that was recently implemented by the Long Island Heart Rhythm Center (LIHRC). This solution utilizes a HIPAA-compliant VMO that provides direct doctor-patient contact…
Benjamin Leis, MD and colleagues demonstrate a case showing that in carefully selected patients, using the PFO can be a reasonable alternative to transseptal puncture in patients receiving a WATCHMAN device.
Devon L. Olesen, MSN, RN, RN-BC discusses this PI project, which successfully demonstrated that EP ablation patients can safely ambulate after two hours of bed rest regardless of anticoagulation status, sheath size, number of sheaths, and ablation pr…
EP Lab Digest features this cardiac electrophysiology program in Vero Beach, Florida.
In the next installment of the Women in EP monthly series, Elaine Y. Wan, MD, FACC, FAHA, FHRS writes that she hopes to initiate support and mentorship to the future generation of women physicians and scientists, writing that we must work together to…
In this interview, we learn more about first-ever Digital Health Summit taking place May 8, 2019 at the upcoming 40th Annual Heart Rhythm Scientific Sessions in San Francisco, California. EP Lab Digest speaks with Nassir F. Marrouche, MD, FHRS, Chair…