Innovative Health, Inc. Receives its 31st FDA Clearance for Reprocessing Electrophysiology Devices

Innovative Health, Inc. announced that it has received its 31st FDA clearance for reprocessing Electrophysiology (EP) devices since the company’s inception in 2016.

Single-use device (SUD) reprocessing is an FDA regulated and sanctioned activity restricted to registered medical device reprocessors that can demonstrate that their reprocessed devices are substantially equivalent to predicate (new) devices and pose no added safety risk to patients. Innovative Health specializes in reprocessing SUDs for use in cardiac procedures. Reprocessed SUDs typically cost the hospital and the EP lab 50% less than new devices, and usage of reprocessed cardiology devices can aggregate to hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings every year.

Since the company’s foundation, Innovative Health has pursued more advanced reprocessing technologies in order to reprocess complex cardiology devices. As a result, the company has received 8 new clearances to reprocess single-use cardiology devices in 2019 alone. Out of these, 3 clearances are for devices that no other company is cleared to reprocess.

Innovative Health CEO Rick Ferreira says: “Each of these devices represents a new savings opportunity that the EP labs cannot achieve unless they work with us. A single reprocessing round of these 3 devices together adds savings of more than $1,500 to the EP lab and presents a compelling proposition. This is why we have seen a substantial number of customers converting to Innovative Health’s specialty reprocessing program in 2019. And we intend to keep new device clearances coming.”

Innovative Health’s latest clearance for Medtronic’s Achieve mapping catheter last week adds to its portfolio of some of the most advanced and expensive catheters used in AFib procedures. This clearance allows Innovative Health to offer hospitals expanded cost savings opportunities in one of the fastest growing therapeutic areas in U.S. healthcare.

About Innovative Health
Innovative Health is an advanced medical device reprocessing company that offers smarter utilization of medical devices in hospitals’ cardiology and electrophysiology programs.