Groundbreaking Clinical Study Shows AI Image-Guided X-Ray Technology Sets a New Standard of Care, With a Median Dose Reduction to Patient and Staff of Over 60%

Manufacturers of Artificial Intelligence Image Guided Systems announced the publication of a significant patient study done in partnership with AdventHealth Orlando.

The unique AI image-guided systems use AI algorithms to automatically identify the interventionalist’s region of interest (ROI) in order to decrease the radiation dose to the patient and staff during image-guided procedures.

The AI image-guided system also features an ultrafast secondary collimator that dynamically blocks radiation outside of the ROI automatically. Working in both cine and fluoro mode, this method protects the patient’s peripheral anatomy during procedures performed within the EP, cardiac, GI, and IR lab. Most labs used today are conventional systems that dangerously expose the patient’s anatomy in the full field of view due to the lack of utilizing AI ROI.

The patient study, published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology and performed by interventionalists at AdventHealth Orlando’s Center for Interventional Endoscopy (CIE), evaluated the benefit of an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled fluoroscopy system to minimize radiation exposure during image-guided endoscopic procedures. The 100-patient study overwhelmingly concluded that the AI-enabled image guided fluoroscopy system delivered an additional reduced radiation exposure by a mean of 61.8% to the patient and a corresponding reduction of 59.4% to physician and staff. 

Dr. Shyam Varadarajulu, Medical Director of AdventHealth's Center for Interventional Endoscopy, states, “Given the clinical implication, pertaining to safety, for patients and healthcare providers, the AI-enabled fluoroscopy system is a ground-breaking innovation in image-guided interventions. The technology once again reminds us why machines are so much better than humans when programmed and taught appropriately.”

Omega Medical Imaging LLC, based in Sanford, Florida, is an innovator in the design, manufacture, delivery, and support of artificial intelligence image-guided systems for hospitals and healthcare facilities around the globe.

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