November 2003

Volume 3 Issue 11

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As we enter the home stretch of 2003 and look back, it becomes apparent how much transition there was in both U.S. and worldwide patient monitoring and diagnostic system markets. Diagnostic procedures in cardiology are growing steadily, driven by the…
A patient presented in our clinic for routine clinic evaluation of a dual chamber pacemaker. The patient s pacemaker had been recently implanted due to sick sinus syndrome. The patient was found to be in a supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) of 160 bp…
Dear readers, It is that time of year again! How have things changed this year? What can we expect in 2004? In our first feature, Arthur Gasch, President of Medical Strategic Planning, Inc. has provided an overview of the transitions seen this year…
Dr. Hayes, from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, has authored a number of medical publications, including a book entitled Cardiac Pacing and Defibrillation: A Clinical Approach. He served as NASPE President from 1999-2000, and joined our edit…
The electrophysiology department at Emory Crawford Long Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, holds a series of very important firsts. In 1987, Dr. Paul Walter inserted the first implantable defibrillator in Georgia. In 1997, Drs. David DeLurgio, Jonathan La…
bananas2 In cardiovascular care, the staff shortage is real, with emergency care, critical care (i.e., cath lab, telemetry, and intensive care), and surgery being the hardest hit and the most difficult areas to fill. This critical shortage will have…
Dr. Hohnloser and colleagues recently published the results of a 24-month follow-up of 129 patients who met MADIT II criteria in the Lancet (Volume 362, July 12, 2003). The prospective evaluation showed that patients who were T-wave alternans negativ…
and Jose Joglar, MD, about the advances in Ambulatory Diagnostic ECG Monitoring. Dr. Schwarzberg, a leader in the telemedicine industry since 1989, authored a patent on a hybrid smart event recorder. Jose Joglar, MD, is the Assistant Professor of Int…