August 2005

Volume 5 Issue 8

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Magnitude of the Problem The rush to develop methods to monitor for the progression of heart failure has occurred for a number of reasons. First, there are about 1 million hospitalizations per year for heart failure in the United States, making this…
The intention of this mini-review is to help identify the location, characteristics and methods for monitoring the esophagus during ablative therapies of the left atrium. Anatomic Location and Features of the Esophagus Under normal circumstance…
What is the size of your EP lab facility and number of staff members? What is the mix of credentials at your lab? We currently operate from two rooms shared by the entire cath lab. The largest of those rooms will become a dedicated EP lab at the com…
You re causing ectopy...oh. He s dead. It s alright, keep trying. Those were the words of a fellow biomedical engineer this past May at the annual Heart Rhythm meeting. I was using a cath lab simulator, trying to insert an ICD lead into a simulated h…
New Questions: Free-Standing Lab I need to know if anyone is getting reimbursed for EP studies done in a free-standing cath lab. We are going to be opening one in a couple of months and we need some input on the feasibility of using this for our EP…