September 2003

Volume 3 Issue 9

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Common complications of permanent endocardial pacing systems include infection of the generator pocket, the wire track, increase in pacing threshold or complete exit block due to fibrosis at the myocardial contact site, dislocation or (rarely) intrav…
In the June 2003 issue of EP Lab Digest, we presented an article entitled "New Provisions for Reprocessed, Single-Use Devices: An Interview with John R. Manthei." In this special feature, the provisions of The Medical Device User Fee and Modernizatio…
Dear Ms. Miller, I have been receiving EP Lab Digest since the first issue and find it to be a very good publication. I commend you for providing excellent information in the electrophysiology area. I am sure this is being well received around the…
This August, Sherman Hospital in Elgin, Illinois became the first Illinois hospital to use the Freezor CryoAblation System, a new cardiac cryotherapy system that produces burns that are more sharply delineated than those produced by the commonly used…
Y September 10 - 13, 15 - 16              4th International Symposium on Advances in Interventional Electrophysiology              Location: Bologna, Italy              Tel: 39-0514-210559              Fax: 39-0514-210174              E…
ELA Medical Announces US Market Launch of Next Generation Implantable Defibrillators Cardima Reports on First Commercial Uses of REVELATION Helix STX 2.5 Medtronic InSync II Marquis Heart Failure ICD System Receives U.S. FDA Approval St. Jude Medi…
Cell Phones & Pacemakers: Reducing Risk Study Shows Some External Defibrillators Are Easier, Quicker To Use By Untrained People Study Findings Suggest Revised Approach to Therapy for Atrial Fibrillation Schizophrenia Drugs Linked to Increas…
Subclavian vein occlusion from previously implanted pacing leads is a problem that has become more of an issue as physicians attempt to upgrade existing pacing systems to either an AICD or a resynchronization device. On some occasions, a guidewire su…