November 2002

Volume 2 Issue 11

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An abnormal response on HUT was elicited in 18% of patients and carotid sinus syndrome was diagnosed in 13%. Mild carotid sinus sensitivity was seen in 14%. Both tests were positive in 4 patients (3%; 11% of patients with a positive test). There was…
Over the past several decades, increasingly sophisticated permanently implanted electronic devices have been developed that are used as the standard of care to diagnose and treat important brady and tachyarrhythmic disorders.4 Increasing numbers of t…
Outpatient ECG Each of these modalities has different characteristics that influence their use. For example, Holters are inconvenient for recording over about 48 hours and the diagnostic data can be delayed by up to several days, while event recorder…
Case Report. The patient K.S. is having her palpitations again. She has been evaluated in the past and not received a diagnosis. This time, she has an event recorder on and she pushes the button. After the palpitations have not gone away for an hou…
We have recently participated in device studies for biventricular pacemakers/defibrillators with Medtronic, Guidant and St. Jude for heart failure, a drug study to evaluate new drug therapy for SVT, and catheter studies for VT ablation and AF using l…
Basic Electrophysiology Sgt. Albert Paul, CVIS Walter Reed Army Medical Center Washington, DC My opening lecture at SASEAP 2002 was on Principles of Electrophysiology Studies. This talk was designed to give beginners in the field of electrophysiol…
The practice consists of approximately 1,000 physicians in multiple sites; the Cardiology Department has twenty-five staff physicians with three full-time electrophysiologists. Training in this institution is performed at multiple levels, and there e…