June 2004

Volume 4 Issue 6

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Florida Hospital is the largest heart program in Florida, with 7 campuses and a total of 12 cath labs and 4 EPS labs. In 2003, their 133 cardiologists performed a total of 16,514 cath lab/EPS events, and used 748,969 inventory items. To manage thes…
Readers, thank you for your continued emails! This month, we have even more questions for discussion. We have had a great number of you send in questions; now we just need more of you to send in the answers! In addition, please review last month s qu…
What measures has your electrophysiology lab implemented in order to cut or contain costs and improve efficiencies in patient through-put? The following accounts of improving efficiencies in the EP lab were taken from Spotlight Interviews published i…
In last month s Stump the Experts section, we outlined the following case. Can you answer the questions below? Description: A 60-year-old female presented to the Emergency Department with a tachycardia (see 12-lead ECG obtained during tachycardia)…
When hospitals make the decision to expand the cath lab to perform electrophysiology (EP) procedures, it is important to look into the impact it will have on the total cardiology program. Traditionally, hospitals have looked to recognized medical spe…
Dear readers, We have a number of interesting articles this month. From inventory management to C.O.N. preparation, our authors all describe different methods they have used to help smooth and improve EP productivity. In the article entitled Prote…
CryoCath Announces Exciting Start in Atrial Fibrillation Study With Arctic Circler Balloon Early Results Point to a Breakthrough Solution for AF
In 1992, Brugada and colleagues described a clinical syndrome characterized by a right bundle branch block pattern and ST segment elevations in leads V1-V3, now called Brugada syndrome.1 Brugada syndrome is associated with sudden cardiac death or idi…
What do all EP physicians who use fluoroscopy to perform interventional procedures such as pacemaker/ICD implantation, biventricular pacing and ablation procedures have in common? They all receive a significant amount of radiation that may lead to he…