June 2002

Volume 2 Issue 6

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Alexa Flinn

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Cardionet has recently developed the first mobile cardiac telemetry service, allowing real-time, heartbeat by heartbeat monitoring of patients without hospitalization. Their ECG monitoring and analysis and response for patients provides service anywh…
Patients with atrial flutter have been exposed to anticoagulation therapy, cardioversion and drug regimens to control rate and protect them from the symptoms. When these therapies grow old or are no longer effective, they look to their electrophysiol…
It was concluded that it was equally as safe and effective in a group of patients with a left ventricular ejection fraction, averaging less than 40% as in those with normal heart function. His research was presented at this year s ACC meeting in Marc…
Actually, inherited LQTS is still often undiagnosed and untreated, so the affected persons remain at risk for syncope and sudden death. Since inherited LQTS is a very treatable disorder, SADS believes it is important that both medical professionals a…
The Georgia Heart Center recently received a five-star report card rating from HealthGrades.com, Inc., reflecting the hospital s superior quality of care in its heart program. This rating places them in the top 10 percent of medical facilities nation…
The treatment of certain arrhythmia substrates sometimes requires deeper and/or wider lesions than can be created with standard radiofrequency (RF) ablation. Typical atrial flutter is one of these substrates. The ablation of typical atrial flutter re…
Every medical device has to pass a series of tests before it can be made available for general use on human patients. This is a long, arduous process with many unknowns and potential roadblocks along the way. Making it work requires close cooperation…