September 2004

Volume 9 Issue 9

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Hospital administrators at Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian in Newport Beach, California consider veteran cath lab supervisor Joanne Colley amazing for the routine reports she generates on a monthly basis, but an absolute star when asked for cust…
From 2004, Vol. 4, No. 8: At the University of Florida, they report that their lab is extremely cost conscious and has focused on efficiency and utilization while continuing to provide high quality care for all patients. They write that they are also…
In the past, AF was considered just a nuisance. Patients were advised to learn how to live with it. Digoxin, and later beta blockers, were the drugs of choice to achieve rate control. We now know that AF is not just a nuisance. In fact, it is a serio…
What is the size of your EP lab facility and number of staff members? What is the mix of credentials at your lab? Virginia Mason Medical Center (VMMC) is a 284-bed urban hospital located in downtown Seattle, Washington. VMMC has two dedicated full-…
When was the AED program approved? Our AED program is still in its infancy. We started the needs assessment and research last January. We just went to our city leaders for approval about one week ago. How many AEDs have you implemented so far in the…
In a letter to Heart Rhythm Society members, the Board stated The new guidelines were not developed at the request of industry they were developed both to meet an anticipated growth in the implantation of ICDs and to prevent non-electrophysiologists…