April 2008

Volume 8 Issue 4

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By all accounts, this year s trip was a success. The only remaining challenge was to complete the drive from Chicago O Hare airport to Iowa City, Iowa, as a winter storm had made a wide swath across the I-80 corridor, leaving snow drifts and long pat…
The number of patients greater than 65 years of age are increasing and will continue to increase in a dramatic fashion in the United States over the next 20-30 years. As cardiologists strive to use evidence-based medicine as the foundation of clinica…
What is the size of your EP lab facility and number of staff members? What is the mix of credentials at your lab? The UMMC EP lab consists of two clinical laboratories a single and a biplane lab, along with a three-bay holding area. It also has a de…
When and why did you decide to study the psychosocial data from this group of patients?
Why did you choose to work in the field of electrophysiology? I have always been interested in the area of cardiology. I began working as a nurse in the ICU, Open Heart Recovery, and the cardiac cath lab prior to my working in electrophysiology. A…
When was the AED Access for All organization formed, and why? Iowa AED Access for All was founded in February of 2006. A couple of sudden cardiac arrest survivors and ICD patients felt strongly that our community needed to be educated about the nee…
1. Sudden onset/sudden termination: Often a patient will describe tachycardia as starting and stopping abruptly. This suggests a reentrant tachycardia. 2. Retrograde P waves in inferior leads during tachycardia: A 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) o…
When and why was "HeartSavingSeattle.com" formed? When my wife was working at an AED manufacturer in 2005, she would come home and tell me about the statistics of cardiac arrest. At first I didn't believe her, because I had never heard these grim s…
The International Arrhythmia Winter School symposium, once regarded as a regional meeting, has been transformed into an internationally-attended symposium by Founder and Chairman Dr. Eugene Crystal, Director of Arrhythmia Services at Sunnybrook Healt…