October 2005

Volume 5 Issue 10

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What is the size of your EP lab facility and number of staff members? What is the mix of credentials at your lab? Currently, we have 5 staff members consisting of 2 nurses and 3 radiology technologists. We are part of a large cath lab consisting of 5…
For most of my clinical career, there were very established guidelines for who needed a pacemaker and who did not. Guidelines from the leading specialty society are still one of the most important reference works for a clinician. The American College…
Heller et al. indicated that for some patients, the shock is not preceded by symptoms of any kind and is without warning; others develop symptoms of tachyarrhythmia and often await the shock with trepidation. The situation creates an experience of am…
Temporary pacemakers are associated with high complication rates, and if pacing is required for more than 24 hours, the need for repeat intervention to reposition the lead or re-site the venous access is relatively commonplace.1-4 We describe a case…
Review of Literature Reports of the existence of PLSVC have been documented and submitted to various respected medical publications. In a 2003 review of literature, Rajit Pahwa and Anand Kumar reported that PLSVC occurs 0.3% in individuals with a no…
New Questions: Practice Protocols Is there a preprinted practice protocol reference for new trainees? anonymous (Readers, to reply to this question, please type Practice Protocols in your subject line.) Multiple Cardioversions, Same Session How…