Webinar: Workflow Insights: Using CARTO SMARTTOUCH™ Technology to Drive Efficient Procedures, Optimize Patient Outcomes and Reduce Fluoroscopy

Scott W. Burke, FHRS, MD
Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiologist
The Arrhythmia Institute
St. Mary Medical Center
Newtown, PA
Brett A. Gidney, MD
Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiologist
Heart Rhythm Center
Santa Barbara, CA

This webinar will consist of a presentation and a live case followed by a Q&A session with two experienced electrophysiologists who have successfully in­tegrated efficient workflows utilizing the CARTO SMARTTOUCH™ Technology into their practices. Dr. Scott Burke will present on how he recently incorporated this technology and technique into his workflow and reduced his case time without compro­mising efficacy. Dr. Brett Gidney will present a live case highlighting how he uses the integrated technology with minimal fluoroscopy while still achieving excel­lent patient outcomes. A Q&A follows the presentations, where both physicians answer audience questions.