Author Instructions

Author Guidelines

Thank you for considering EP Lab Digest! Please email your completed manuscript to Jodie Elrod, Managing Editor, at If you have any further questions, please email or call the editor directly at (800) 371-0791.

EP Lab Digest accepts original articles on topics relevant in cardiac electrophysiology, whether clinical, research or administrative, etc. Authors should write with the EP Lab Digest readership in mind, essentially EP lab professionals (nurses, technologists, managers, administrators, and directors) and electrophysiologists. Articles should be written by a non-industry clinician or allied professional, and be educational (vs advertorial) in nature. Please note that we do not charge authors at any time for any part of the publication or review process.

If appropriate, articles may be reviewed in a double-blind manner by EPLD’s editorial board. This generally takes about 1-2 weeks. Comments will then be returned to the author and revisions requested as needed.

Authors are required to sign a copyright form prior to publication that asserts their work is original and that transfers copyright to HMP Communications. Permission for article re-use is generally granted as long as the original EPLD citation is included; please contact EPLD’s managing editor for future re-publication permission if needed. Authors are also required to disclose conflicts of interest.

Please include all author credentials, job title, and his/her facility name and location. In addition, authors must indicate in the paper whether any writing assistance (other than copy editing) was provided.

Article length ranges from 1500-2500 words. Images, head shots, tables, graphs, and videos are welcome. All photos should be emailed separately as high-resolution (300 dpi) JPEG or PDF files (photos submitted in Word are not usable). We can generally include up to 10 photos per article; up to 10 more images can be included in the online article. If emailing the photos, please note our email server is limited, so it may be necessary to email photos in separate emails or to use an online server such as DropBox ( Contact the editor for instructions on sending larger manuscript files.

If submitting a case study, please divide your article into these defined sections: Introduction (including objectives and background), Case description (details of the case), Discussion (significance of the case), and Summary (main conclusions of the case).

Please also note that trade names and brand names of drugs and devices may not be used in the title of the paper.

EPLD encourages the use of original artwork and tables in your manuscript. If including previously published material such as graphs, tables, photographs, or drawings in your manuscript, it is the author’s responsibility to contact the holder of the original copyright (e.g., the publisher) for permission to reprint the material. The author is also responsible for costs associated with reprinting the image(s).

We encourage video clips (avi, mp4, or mov files) to accompany the article whenever possible. There is no limit to length, size, or number of clips, but specifications on the order of clips and a title/description for each video is needed. Also, if the videos come from an outside source, we’ll need written permission to reproduce and cite proper credit.

Please note that all patient identification information must be removed from the article as well as all figure and video files; this includes the patient name and/or initials, social security number, etc. Please check all images carefully to make sure all patient health information is deleted from photos; if you need assistance with this, please contact the editor. In addition, if a patient can be recognized from the image, a consent form must be signed by the patient stating their agreement to have his/her identity revealed.

Other tips:
1. Do not include headers or footers in the Word doc.
2. Do not use “FULL CAPS” throughout the article or title.
3. List References at the end of the article (no footnotes please). Statements in the article requiring referencing should be given a number corresponding to the reference listed at the end of the article.
4. Include in author byline: Full name, credentials, title, facility, city, and state.
5. Provide corresponding author information beneath the author byline (include full mailing address, phone and email address).
6. Please use single spacing.
7. List captions at the end of the article, with photo name, number, and caption text.

8. We encourage you to include relevant website links in the article. 

Thank you for considering EP Lab Digest! Please email your completed manuscript to Jodie Elrod, Managing Editor, at If you have any further questions, please email or call the editor directly at (800) 371-0791.