Society of Invasive Cardiovascular Professionals (SICP) Update

Advocacy in Action

Advocacy Campaign Update: We have had great success in recruiting members for this committee, and currently have 12 individuals who will assist in leading the charge. 

We have made significant progress having had three conference calls so far. The next committee call is scheduled for January 28, 2014 at 5:30EST. All future calls will be the fourth Tuesday of every month. You are welcome to call and listen in, even if you don’t have time to serve on the committee. It would be great for anyone to join and keep up-to-date on the advocacy issues that SICP members are facing. RCIS-credentialed individuals have many challenges, and we need everyone to understand how important addressing the advocacy concerns are to the profession’s future. 

The committee has several initiatives in the works, and in early 2014 you will begin to see an aggressive kickoff to the Advocacy Campaign. Of utmost importance to our initiatives is identifying states where we have volunteers ready and willing to play point on this campaign at their level. We want to promote the RCIS Scope of Practice in each state as well as promote the RCIS Credential as the Cath Lab’s Essential Credential. 

Another major item is to determine exact issues and concerns for each state. As you can imagine, this is a daunting task. We will be issuing a survey in early 2014. It is important that we have your participation in all of these initiatives. 

It has become clear that a huge portion of issues/concerns revolve around radiation issues that hinder RCIS-credentialed individuals from having a solid and prominent role in the Cath Lab in various states. 

It is very important that all RCIS-credentialed individuals understand why advocacy is important. Everyone can participate and contribute, even if you don’t have time to join the committee and take an active role. Just by joining the Society of Cardiovascular Professionals, you give us a louder voice. There is strength in numbers, and even small steps can eventually lead to the major changes in a profession. Without volunteer and financial support as a foundation, our advocacy efforts will never get off the ground. We urge and encourage you to make joining and becoming more involved with the SICP part of your New Year’s resolutions! 

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season,


Stephanie Ranck, RCIS, FSCIP, Advocacy Committee Chair Director, Geisinger Health System Cardiovascular Technology Program