Kansas City Heart Rhythm Symposium 2014

Arun Kanmanthareddy, MD, Misty Jaeger, RN, BSN, and Donita Atkins, RN, BSN
Arun Kanmanthareddy, MD, Misty Jaeger, RN, BSN, and Donita Atkins, RN, BSN

Kansas City Heart Rhythm Symposium (KCHRS) is a regional conference that focuses on bringing the latest advancements in the world of electrophysiology to the greater midwestern United States. This year’s meeting will be held August 16th and 17th at the Sheraton Crown Center in Kansas City, Missouri. This annual conference is designed to provide a learning pathway for both general healthcare providers and electrophysiologists alike. Dr. Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy, Professor of Medicine at The University of Kansas Medical Center, will be the course director for KCHRS 2014 (Figure 1).

The conference faculty is comprised of regional, national and international speakers; these experts will share their knowledge on some of the key concepts in electrophysiology such as atrial fibrillation, cardiac resynchronization therapy, left atrial appendage exclusion strategies, anticoagulation choices for atrial fibrillation, cardiac monitoring devices, and implantable cardiac devices. Dr. Lakkireddy believes that this course structure will facilitate appropriate decision-making by physicians and healthcare providers when faced with evaluating and managing a patient with cardiac electrophysiological problems. 

KCHRS, in association with the University of Kansas Hospital and Medical Center, recognizes and honors distinguished physicians in the world of electrophysiology through the presentation of the KU Pioneer in Electrophysiology award, given annually during the KCHRS meeting. In 2013, KCHRS honored Dr. Albert Waldo with the KU Pioneer in Electrophysiology Award for his contributions to academic electrophysiology. The recipient of the 2014 KU Pioneer in Electrophysiology Award will be Dr. Michel Haïssaguerre (Figure 2). Dr. Haïssaguerre is a Professor of Cardiology and heads the Department of Cardiology-Electrophysiology at the Hôpital Cardiologique du Haut-Lévêque. Dr. Haïssaguerre is credited with discovering the focal triggers of atrial fibrillation arising from the pulmonary veins, and first described the percutaneous route of ablating these focal triggers in the pulmonary veins. He has authored more than 500 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters. His contributions in electrophysiology have helped redefine the modern cardiac electrophysiology landscape.   

The KCHRS also honors young clinical investigators for their pioneering clinical research work during the KCHRS meeting. Three young clinical investigators are awarded the Dr. Manohar Sai Gowda Memorial Young Investigator Cardiovascular Research Award. This is an exciting opportunity for cardiology fellows, post-doctoral fellows, and residents to showcase their research and win this prestigious award. Abstracts are currently being accepted for this award, and the details of submission for this competition are available on our website.

We look forward to welcoming you all to the 6th annual Kansas City Heart Rhythm Symposium! Please join us for a great opportunity to learn and connect with pioneering electrophysiologists from around the world. 

A detailed listing of agenda, courses and speakers is available at