Email Discussion Group: October 2010

Do you have a new question you would like to submit? Follow our EP discussions on our website and on Twitter (, Facebook (, and LinkedIn ( New Question: Standard Practice I would like to know if it is standard practice to send a type and screen/crossmatch prior to ablations? (Peds and adults) — Barb Lennon, RN Under Discussion: Admitting AF Patients If your facility performs atrial fibrillation (AF) ablations, are patients admitted following the procedure? What are your reasons for admitting/not admitting these patients? Also, do your AF ablation patients usually receive moderate sedation or general anesthesia for the procedure? Patients that have AF ablations at our facility are admitted overnight for observation. The reasons for admission are related to the risks that are associated with this procedure (i.e., bleeding, transseptal punctures). All of our AF ablations are done with general anesthesia as well, due to the complex nature of these cases and the length of time of the procedure. — Anonymous