Ascent Helps EP Labs to Further Reduce Waste, Cut Costs with New Product Addition

   Ascent, a leader in delivering healthcare resource sustainability, announced the addition of a new product to its extensive roster of single use devices (SUDs) for reprocessing. EZ STEERTM Bi-Directional Catheters, manufactured by Biosense Webster, are now available for reprocessing through Ascent programs. The availability of this device enables electrophysiology (EP) labs to save money and reduce waste, saving up to 50 percent of the cost of the original device while diverting SUDs from landfills.    EZ STEER Bi-Directional Catheters are 4 mm, and are indicated for catheter-based atrial and ventricular electrophysiological mapping procedures to treat arrhythmias. Easy to use and operate, the bi-directional design provides two curves in one catheter for economic and procedural versatility.     “Ascent is a true partner that is always bringing new products to market that provides tremendous cost savings to the hospital,” said Colin Vaughn, RN and clinical coordinator of the Cardiac Cath Lab at Mountain Vista Medical Center in Mesa, Arizona. “We are pleased with this addition and will continue to look forward to other opportunities in the future.”    Reprocessing of SUDs is currently employed by close to 50 percent of U.S. hospitals. As the largest reprocessing company in the U.S., Ascent has reprocessing programs in place at more than 1,800 hospitals and hospital systems across the country. By partnering with hospitals and healthcare facilities to provide SUD reprocessing programs, Ascent not only delivers clear savings to its customers, but also shows its continued leadership in bringing sustainability to healthcare.     “At Ascent, our team of engineers and medical professionals strives to continually research and identify devices that can be safely reprocessed,” said Rick Ferreira, President of Ascent.“ As manufacturers change their designs and technologies to make devices and catheters more precise and versatile, Ascent continues to prove its leadership by finding ways to safely remanufacture these devices. Becoming the first in the industry to gain clearance to reprocess the EZ STEER line of bi-directional catheters provides another good solution for our EP lab customers.”