Fall Semester, 2006: In our October issue, we focus specifically on education and learning.

Dear readers, Autumn is often synonymous with the start of school, so what could be a better time to talk about new and innovative educational programs across the country? This October, we highlight several EP programs for staff and patients. In particular: This month, we feature the new EP technology training program at the Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute, which provides a well-rounded training program for nurses, technicians, fellows, local physicians, and physicians. Their program includes hands-on clinical experience, an accelerated eight-month program, NASPExAM preparation, as well as specialized training for new hires at medical companies. In this issue, we also decided to focus on what is being done to help educate EP patients and their families. One example of this type of educational program for patients is at the Kouchoukos Cardiac Education Center at the Missouri Baptist Medical Center. Author Nicholas Kouchoukos, MD notes the importance of such a program, writing that when you empower your patients with knowledge about their condition, they are literally becoming a partner in determining their care. I hope all of the articles in this month s issue provide you with ideas and techniques for improving your lab. In addition, if your hospital has an innovative EP program for staff or patients, please let us know we d love to hear about it! Thanks for reading! Best regards, Jodie Elrod, Managing Editor EP Lab Digest