Email Discussion Group: August 2005

New Questions: Free-Standing Lab I need to know if anyone is getting reimbursed for EP studies done in a free-standing cath lab. We are going to be opening one in a couple of months and we need some input on the feasibility of using this for our EP studies. We are in the state of Florida, and as of right now, no one is doing this as far as we know. Please help. P. Vowell, Coding/Billing Specialist Readers, to reply to this question, please type Free-Standing in your subject line. Pay for CVTs Is there a database or has anyone done a study for the pay ranges for CVTs working in the EP lab? I am not able to find out the pay scales for the Midwest and what responsibilities/job descriptions the CVTs are accountable for. Many labs in the Michigan area have RNs, RVCTs, RCIS's, and CVTs working the labs. Any help or direction would be appreciated. Patricia from St. John Health System Readers, to reply to this question, please type Pay for CVTs in your subject line. Credentialing and Education for EPs Do you think there should be a credentialing exam for Electrophysiology technologists, analogous to the RCIS examination? Also, in your opinion, is there a need for formal education programs for electrophysiology? Letitia P. Esbenshade-Smith, Staff Educator, Cardiac Electrophysiology Readers, to reply to this question, please type Exam/Education in your subject line. I agree on this one! I think there should be a distinction on the people that work in the EP lab. I know how hard it is to find someone experienced to work in the EP lab.  Right now, some staff that know how to turn on and off equipment and who had seen a few cases think that they know EP already. A formal education/examination should be given to separate the staff on what they know and understand and what they THINK they know. Let s face it, EP is totally different from the cath lab. Not just because someone can do cath means they can certainly do EP. I ve seen staff that learn how to handle the stimulator think that they know what they are doing already. In fact, they don t even know what to look for during the study. A. Gonzaga Under Discussion: Mixed Cath labs with RNs and CVTs I was asked by our Union for Nursing to research the pros and cons of having a mixed cath and EP lab with RNs and CVTs. Does anyone have any information so I don't have to reinvent everything? The lab now has one full-time RN who was a CVT prior to getting his nursing degree. We are going to expand from two suites to six suites over the next two years. anonymous I have both RN and x-ray techs in my three labs. I do mix the EP and cath staff, but I have a dedicated team for EP procedures that can float to cath when not busy. As our volume continues to grow, we will have a dedicated EP team and room! name withheld In my experience, I can only comment that you need both RN and Tech positions to make a lab run smoothly (it s a team with a focus on the patient). Douglas Kline, RT (R) (CV)