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New Questions: Mixed Cath labs with RNs and CVTs I was asked by our Union for Nursing to research the pros and cons of having a mixed cath and EP lab with RNs and CVTs. Does anyone have any information so I don't have to reinvent everything? The lab now has one full-time RN who was a CVT prior to getting his nursing degree. We are going to expand from two suites to six suites over the next two years. name withheld Readers, to reply to this question, please type Mixed Labs in your subject line. Staff Placing Catheters for Diagnostic EP Studies I have been trained by our EP doctor to place catheters in the CS, HRA, RVA, RVOT, etc. for the purpose of diagnostic testing during EP studies. The hospital in which I work now feels that this is not the standard of care; therefore, they will not allow this anymore. The doctor that trained me states that this is being done across the country. What are the standards of care regarding this matter? What policies are in effect at other facilities across the country? V. Maestas, ARRT RT (R)(T)(CV) Readers, to reply to this question, please type Diagnostic EP in your subject line. Tilt Procedures I am writing to you with the hopes that you will be able to offer some advice to an ongoing debate in our department: Is it common practice to write an admit note on a tilt patient for output testing in a hospital setting? This is excluding the H&P. Do you have forms that we would be able to see regarding documentation of the tilt procedure? We are having constant debate over discharge orders, and I wanted to see what the rest of the EP labs were utilizing for documentation. M. Xikis, RN, ANP-c Readers, to reply to this question, please type Tilt Procedures in your subject line. Establishing an EP Lab Our hospital is a tertiary cardiac care center located in the southern part of Delhi, India. We are looking for established EP centers to help us in starting an EP lab and arrhythmia services at our center. Can you help? V. Sharma, MD Readers, to reply to this question, please type Delhi EP Lab in your subject line. I am new to the EP discussion group and wondered if anyone had some good resources on how to set up an EP Lab. This would be a new area for our local hospital. anonymous Readers, to reply to this question, please type New EP Lab in your subject line. Under Discussion: CMS Registry The immediate implementation of the ICD registry has overwhelmed management and staff. What methods are other places using to get these forms completed and accurate? Also, there has been some resistance from the physicians; how are you handling them with this new requirement? J. Doster, RN Each hospital is responsible for keeping the registry. I make sure the information is in the history and physical. I also clean up [any] unanswered questions. name withheld When we have patients scheduled for implants, the physician s office sends out the completed questionnaire with the procedure order that is required. If the secondary page needs to be filled out, it is attached to the patient s chart, and the physician is required to fill it out prior to the start of the procedure when he is completing his pre-procedure anesthesia assessment form. I look for the post-insertion complications and complete that portion once the patient has been discharged. I then enter the patient into the qnet registry as needed. At this point, all the paper documentation is kept in the cath lab. I anticipate that down the road, it will be kept as part of the patient s medical record. I have not had too much resistance from the physicians, and the staff are very good about reminding the implantors if the form is not completed. A. Brizzolara, RT, RN, Arlington Heights, Illinois Readers, to reply to this question, please type CMS Registry in your subject line. Tilt Table We need to replace our present Tilt Table. Do you know who makes them with a quick down function? M. Sayre, RCIS/EP Medical Positioning, Inc. makes a Rapid Response Head Up Tilt Table that goes from 70 degrees head up to -15 Trendelenburg in 5 seconds. It has a 1,000 lb weight limit and is programmable. Go to for more information and/or contact me and I can put you in touch with a sales person to give you more info. I am the Clinical Coordinator for the company. Debra Fulps, Kansas City, MO Readers, to reply to this question, please type Tilt Table in your subject line. Allied Professional Organization Does anyone know of a professional organization for Allied Professionals in EP? Does one exist? If so, who, where? C. Fontenot The Allied Professional group within the Heart Rhythm Society is very active. We have our own sessions at the annual meetings that are dedicated to allieds unique learning needs. Please give the Heart Rhythm Society a call about joining us. B. Ching, RN,Nurse Manager Device Clinic, Cleveland Clinic Foundation Readers, to reply to this question, please type Allied Professional in your subject line.