April Email Discussion Group

Readers, if you have answers to these questions, please email us at eplabdigest@hotmail.com or go to www.eplabdigest.com and click on the email discussion group link. Our website is constantly being updated, so please check back often! New Question Under Discussion: Allied Professional Organization Does anyone know of a professional organization for Allied Professionals in EP? Does one exist? If so, who, where? C. Fontenot (Readers, to reply to this question, please type Allied Professional in your subject line.) Other Questions Under Discussion: EP Guidelines Our lab is looking for evidence-based guidelines to support our policies and procedures for electrophysiology studies. Can you help? D. VanLiew (Readers, to reply to this question, please type EP Guidelines in your subject line.) EP Surgical Masks Is there any information on using cotton surgical masks for invasive EP and device implant procedures? name withheld (Readers, to reply to this question, please type EP Surgical Masks in your subject line.)