Readers, thank you for your continued emails! This month, we have even more questions for discussion. We have had a great number of you send in questions; now we just need more of you to send in the answers! In addition, please review last month s questions still under discussion. If you have information that would be helpful for any of these people, email us at eplabdigest@hotmail.com or go to www.eplabdigest.com and click on the email discussion group link. New questions: EP Protocol Does anyone have a current magnet protocol for ICDs? Our anesthesiology department would benefit from one, and I am finding it confusing to combine the different companies to come up with a generic standard. If anyone has a pacemaker one as well, that would be helpful. K. Kaczmarek Bretylium Is anyone else having trouble getting Bretylium? My pharmacy department is telling us they can't find any. If anyone has a supplier and/or ishaving the same problem, please respond. G. Cusworth, RN ICDs For patients receiving a prophylactic ICD, (Madit II) how many physicians are doing an EPS prior to the ICD implant? C. Jennerjohn Last month s questions under discussion: EP Procedures I was wondering if any studies have been done nationally as to per procedure charges for electrophysiology studies? Anonymous Outpatient Vs. Inpatient What is the average length of stay for patients post-RFA? Do you outpatient or inpatient these folks? Is Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance reimbursement better for outpatients versus inpatients? Colleen Fontenot, St. Patrick Hospital, Lake Charles, Louisiana