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Readers, thank you for your emails! This month, we have two new interesting questions for discussion. However, please do not limit yourself to just these; we are also including two of our previous questions still under discussion. If you have information that would be helpful for any of these people, email us at or go to and click on the email discussion group link. EP Procedures I was wondering if any studies have been done nationally as to per procedure charges for electrophysiology studies? Anonymous Outpatient Vs. Inpatient What is the average length of stay for patients post-RFA? Do you outpatient or inpatient these folks? Is Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance reimbursement better for outpatients versus inpatients? Colleen Fontenot, St. Patrick Hospital, Lake Charles, Louisiana ICD implants in the Cath Lab We currently have a standing policy that requires that anesthesia be present for all of our ICD cases. Scheduling can be very difficult. From a previous discussion group question, it appears as though many cath labs do not have the same requirement. I would appreciate suggestions on where to find guidelines or information that address sedation during these cases, competency issues, and literature that I can reference. Anonymous EP Studies Our cardiology practice located in Florida opened its own outpatient cardiac cath lab two years ago. Our complication rate is very low and we are considering performing EP studies in our lab as well. Are there any other facilities in Florida or any state that perform EP studies in privately held outpatient settings? Patti Lawrence (please send replies to