Letter to the Editor

Dear Ms. Miller, I have been receiving EP Lab Digest since the first issue and find it to be a very good publication. I commend you for providing excellent information in the electrophysiology area. I am sure this is being well received around the country. In the recent July/August 2003 issue, and more specifically in the Ask the Board section (page 20), a question was asked about radiation protection for EP physicians. Laurie Potter, one of your consulting editors, mentioned our RADPAD ® products, but did not remember the company name. This is very unfortunate. Your publication is widely read and our new product, which is the newest and best radiation protection for EP physicians, did not get the opportunity for increased usage because our company name was not mentioned. There are many physicians, RNs and technologists who are overly exposed to radiation in the EP lab. Our product has been tested and proven to reduce radiation significantly. Giving EP lab workers the opportunity to inquire about new radiation protection products seems like an admirable objective for EP Lab Digest. I am enclosing abstracts from two NASPE meetings where independent studies were performed with the RADPAD ® products. The results were very significant...over 80% reduction in radiation exposure by one physician during pacemaker implantation procedures by using the RADPAD ® products. Thank you for your support and for the high-quality EP Lab Digest that you provide to the EP medical community. Best Regards, John A. Cadwalader, Chief Executive Officer Worldwide Innovations & Technologies, Inc. For RADPAD radiation protection products: Worldwide Innovations & Technologies, Inc. 5708 W. 86th Terrace, Overland Park, KS 66207 www.radpad.com Telephone: 1-877-7-RADPAD; Fax: 1-913-648-0131