MEDCONX Introduces Smart Limiter and Smart Cable New Product Lines Complement Flagship Smart Block Connectors

MEDCONX, a leading provider of connection technology for minimally invasive surgical and diagnostic devices, announced two new product lines that complement its Smart Block, the versatile, cost-saving universal platform for connectors: 1) Smart Limiter, MEDCONX line of mechanical use-limiting devices, and 2) Smart Cable, MEDCONX line of universal disposable connector cables. The Smart Limiter is a mechanical device available as an option mounted on the Smart Block. It limits handpiece use to a predetermined number of connections, and can be incorporated into existing products without redesign. As the mating connector is installed, it activates the Smart Limiter mechanical usage counter. Each installation of the connector is counted. Once the predetermined number of connections have been made, the Smart Limiter disables the handpiece. The Smart Cable line of universal disposable generator cables mates to virtually all existing generators. Smart Cable connectors incorporate an engineered friction fit that replaces costly latching systems. This system is a cost-effective replacement for expensive reusable cables that connect to the installed base of generators in the field. The full line of MEDCONX products works collectively to improve the reliability and marketability of our customers products, said Michael C. Viguerie, President and CEO of MEDCONX. Device manufacturers will find our innovative Smart Limiter and Smart Cable as effective in boosting profits as our Smart Block has proven to be.