Siemens Announces the Latest Innovation in ECG Monitoring: TruST 12-Lead for Infinity Telemetry

The Electromedical Systems Division of Siemens Medical Solutions announces the introduction of TruST m12-lead ECG monitoring for its advanced Infinity Telemetry System. A patented algorithm, TruST makes continuous 12-lead monitoring and ST segment analysis both reliable and practical for ambulatory patients. Infinity TruST helps improve patient outcomes by giving clinicians a unique opportunity for more comprehensive electrocardiogram monitoring, says Bill Isenberg, Group Vice President of Siemens Electromedical Systems Division. By first incorporating TruST into our Infinity Telemetry solution, we can help clinicians improve electrocardiogram monitoring and ST segment analysis in a way that is practical for today's busy intermediate care environments. Uses Six Electrodes, Standard Placement Unlike conventional 12-lead ECG monitoring, which requires 10 electrodes, Infinity Telemetry with TruST uses only six electrodes to process 12 leads. TruST uses a standard electrode configuration to ensure accurate and efficient placement. What differentiates TruST from other reduced electrode set 12-lead algorithms is its ability to measure 8 true leads and interpolate only 4. By including 8 true leads in a reduced electrode set 12-lead, TruST protects against leads-off conditions, increases accuracy in arrhythmia processing, and decreases chances of artifact permeating all leads. As a result, TruST provides increased reliability in continuous 12-lead monitoring and ST segment analysis. To maximize equipment investments, Infinity Telemetry with TruST supports varying patient acuity by using a single monitor for 1-, 7-, 8- and TruST 12-lead ECG monitoring and offering an adjunct motion tolerant, continuous SpO2 monitor. With one of the lightest transmitters on the market, Infinity Telemetry with TruST enhances patient comfort and mobility. The Infinity Telemetry System is part of the Infinity Patient Monitoring System, which further substantiates Siemens different approach to monitor design, patient transport, bedside ergonomics and workflow, and information management. The Infinity Telemetry System with TruST is available immediately in most countries, including Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. Availability in the U.S. requires FDA 510(k) clearance.