Just approved by the FDA, the AXIOM Artis dFC Magnetic Navigation System can robotically control catheters for interventional medicine.  The computerized magnetic navigation system allows catheter procedures to be remotely controlled from a computer room outside the cath lab, which addresses long-term radiation exposure concerns of cath lab clinicians. Also, because it enables digital control of the catheter devices, the new system has the potential to increase efficiency, enhance productivity, and help cardiologists improve the ease and accuracy of catheter-based procedures problems associated with manual catheter steering and positioning are a matter of the past.  A collaboration between Siemens Medical Solutions and Stereotaxis, Inc., the system combines Siemens' most advanced digital fluoroscopic imaging system, the AXIOM Artis dFC with Stereotaxis' NIOBE magnetic navigation system. Though much effort has been made to educate patients about electrophysiology ailments and treatments, some confusion and fear remain about what is involved after diagnosis. Find out what one doctor is doing to help overcome patient misconceptions surrounding EP, including informing patients about the importance of innovative medical technology such as implantable implantable cardioverter defibrillators and pacemakers. In addition, he is helping patients with matters related to their ICD or pacemaker. You may be able to apply his methods in your EP lab as well.