EP Lab Digest

You can now email with all your EP-related questions. Once your question is received, we will email it out to others in the EP community. Your question and responses will then be gathered and published. Please note that our email list is private; we will not share your address information with others. Email us today; your question or reply may be published in a future issue of EP Lab Digest! (Please specify if you would like your name withheld.) This month, we feature an email question we received from a reader who ran into an interesting situation in her hospital s MRI suite. Lately, despite safety checks, patients with heart devices and other implants had been repeatly admitted to the MRI; this was causing problems, because their devices and implants were not MRI-compatible. It seems that before their MRIs, the patients were not mentioning in their hospital forms that they had such devices. Though none of these patients have yet had an MRI, the situation remains, despite the MRI technologists best efforts, and is an area of high-risk concern. Has your EP lab dealt with this situation? How would you respond to this? We look forward to hearing from you!