Readers Respond: This month's articles are inspired by our readers comments

Dear Readers, Thank you for all your input in recent months. Your continued comments have helped this journal become the success that it is. I strive to bring relevant and current articles to you each month. This issue s Industry Interview showcases the accomplishments of Dr. Alois Langer, who in May 2002, was awarded into the National Inventors Hall of Fame. Dr. Langer was involved with development and first implantation of the automated internal cardioverter defibrillator in 1980. His invention has since helped millions and the device is also now over 99% effective. In this month s Spotlight Interview, we feature the EP Lab from Illinois Masonic Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois. In October, this hospital was the first to broadcast a live Internet webcast of pulmonary vein isolation for atrial fibrillation, an innovative atrial fibrillation treatment procedure. The surgery was successfully performed by Jose Nazari, MD and Pradeep Maheshwari, MD. In addition, Dr. Nazari has written an article on cryoenergy ablation and mapping. He describes the future of cryotherapy, noting that it will not displace radiofrequency ablation, but rather supplement it for particular uses. Please check out these interesting articles. Thanks for reading! Jodie Miller Managing Editor