Issue Highlights

COVID-19 Coverage
In this interview, EP Lab Digest talks with Tracy Kane Lofty, MSA, CAE and Charles J. Love, MD about the changes being made in certification testing by the International Board of Heart Rhythm…
EP Tips & Techniques
Jonathan Salcedo, MD, FACC, FHRS describes an ultrasound-guided approach to medial axillary vein access for all transvenous CIED needs, including single- or dual-chamber PPMs, ICDs, and CRT-D/CRT-P devices.
EP Research
Payam Safavi-Naeini, MD and colleagues review new studies taking place at the Texas Heart Institute as well as provide a progression update about ongoing studies in the lab.
Cover Story
Lorraine Buck, VP and Jori Richardson, COO, RN describe how electrophysiologists at Naples Heart Rhythm Specialists, P.A. took a progressive outpatient approach to managing atrial fibrillation.