BIOTRONIK Launches Evia Pacemaker Series

BIOTRONIK SE & Co. KG announced the European launch of its new, unified platform pacemaker series, Evia, and several new products to further strengthen its bradycardia portfolio.

BIOTRONIK continues its product innovation stream with the launch of a completely new bradycardia product portfolio, including the Evia pacemaker series, the new Siello pacing leads as well as a new external pacemaker, Reocor, and a new pacing system analyzer, Reliaty.

Evia is the first and only pacemaker with complete, wireless remote monitoring and follow-up capabilities. Patients with an Evia pacemaker can be remotely monitored through the BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® wireless system with only one annual in-clinic visit. BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® technology has been approved to safely and effectively replace conventional in-clinic device follow-up visits. Evia and BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® open new ways to efficiently care for and manage the increasing number of patients with pacemakers. Now physicians have the choice to call in their patients to the clinic or perform remote follow-ups with complete access to all pertinent patient and device information, including high quality IEGM Online HD®. Importantly, BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® has also received FDA and CE Mark approval for its early detection monitoring technology, which allows clinicians to access their patients’ clinically relevant event data more quickly so they can make immediate therapy decisions to improve patient care.

Evia incorporates unique innovations for every step of advanced patient management from implant to follow-up. The small-sized pacemakers with extended longevities also provide several automatic functions to ensure a safe and convenient implantation procedure. In addition to the new platform features, Evia builds on established and proven innovations such as Closed Loop Stimulation® (CLS). CLS is the only rate regulation algorithm that provides appropriate heart rate response, during periods of emotional stress, for improved hemodynamics and increased quality of life.

To meet individual patients’ needs, Evia also provides two new algorithms, Vp Suppression® and IRSplus®. These new Evia features are designed to reduce unnecessary ventricular pacing to a minimum, in order to lower patients’ risk of developing atrial fibrillation and heart failure.

The new Siello pacing leads have been designed by BIOTRONIK to ensure long-lasting reliability and patient safety. The ultra-thin lead body (5.6 French) with a new polyurethane coating enables more successful implantation, especially in patients with smaller vessels and a more complex anatomy.

Evia pacemakers are already designed to be MRI-conditional, and BIOTRONIK is planning to launch a new pacemaker-lead system that will be MRI-compatible under specific conditions during the first half of 2010.